in & out

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  1. Pdan4

    In-and-Out Detailing 2021 - Pdan4's Entry - Early Shift 001t

    Thanks to @Krazyzark for their cars pack! Huge thanks to @FloofCollie the frogchamp for finding out how to avert the silent crash! Unfortunately I did not have the time to finish this map entirely. Exterior: 80% complete. Interior: 30% complete...
  2. Yoshark

    inandout yoshimario v1

    My entry for the 2021 in and out detailing contest, set in a desert facility far away from civilization (2 miles)
  3. Fiddleford

    inandout_fiddleford 2021-09-09

    My entry for the "In & Out" detailing contest. Red's mining facility with some secrets hidden underneath.
  4. *Turns into crocodile*

    inandout_turnsintocroc 2021-09-07

    My entry for the "in and out" detailing contest. Takes place in RED's laser testing site, located in the snowy mountains. Featuring BLU's train as a test subject.
  5. Mattie

    inandout_mattie Last updated 5/9/2021

    My winning entry for the 2021 In & Out detailing contest. Savour the 21st-century comforts of Quintessence of the Waves, the gleaming jewel of BluSea Cruise Lines’ fleet, as it crosses the Gulf of Mexico. (note: for the best playing experience I would encourage you to walk around this map...