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  1. -_Tarantyl_-

    Isometric ctf_turbine 1

    My profile: This work is in its original resolution: Link For a long time I couldn’t think of what kind of background to make, so I settled on this. 3840 х 3840 dispenser
  2. Spektral

    Pyro's Graveyard Shift

    Submitted for the 72hour Summer Jam 2022
  3. Mystic_Catfish

    Interfaced Sabotage 2020-09-07

    My first ever TF2 Jam entry! This was loads of fun to work on. Done in Clip Studio Paint. Insta:
  4. sinnamon

    Badwater Map Artwork 2020-09-07

    A illustration collaboration between my friend Red and me! She did the character art & payload icons and I did the background painting & editing. Red: Me...
  5. shhheep

    Winter Flower Soldier 2020-09-07

    Winter soldier holding a cracked pot :) Maybe... weaponized plant. Oraa.
  6. Dr. Hütter

    Doktor mit Weißen Tauben [Illustration] 2020-09-07

    Sometimes a family can be one (1) unhinged ex-doctor and a bunch of stolen wedding doves. Illustration done on Paint Tool Sai 2 and edited on Photoshop. Estimated time spent: 6-10 hours --- Steam Twitter