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  1. Yrr

    Smissmas gift icon sprites 1

    icon_gift icon_gift_red icon_gift_blu icon_gift_arrow icon_gift_red_arrow icon_gift_blu_arrow Useful for marking capzones or gift flag spawns etc.
  2. Mystic Monkey

    Custom HUD icons

    What I originally wanted was my own set of "Wheel of Fate" like icons to appear on your HUD under certain triggers. However, browsing past threads on this forum (My attention mostly to this one) I now realise that this is maybe impossible. I believe the closest I can probably get to my desired...
  3. SnickerPuffs

    What would you do if you turned into your icon?

    What I mean is that if you woke up one morning, and found that during the night you transformed Franz Kafka-style into whatever it is featured in your icon, how would you react? Weird question, I know, but I'm still curious. Me, I'd just silently and mouthlessly scream, as I'd turn into a...