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  1. Jughead

    vsh_lovelyhouse final

    My first finished map. Rats themed map for Saxton Hale mode.
  2. Monoko

    dusktilldawn_monoko 2019-06-30

    This is my entry to the 2019 Dusk til Dawn detailing competition. The map consists of a gas station, the front and back, an abandoned house, and cars that use a logic system that has it so that they obey road light laws and dont crash into each other. HIGHLY RECOMMEND PLAYING SOLDIER OR DEMO...
  3. P

    koth_western_alpha a1

    heya! this is my first map ever, so i would very much appreciate some feedback! thank you so much in advance. -pais This map is a King of the Hill map set in an old western plot of territory. The two teams must fight over control of the central point, and whoever holds control of that point for...
  4. Clone5184

    Towerhouse A1

    What started as a map based on a dream, turned into this little koth map. Features: * Control Point on a "hill" (Tower) * A Train * Fun?
  5. ᴰ ᴱ ᴿ ᴾ ᴵ ᴼ

    Treehouse 2017-08-06
  6. ISPuddy

    Ceiling Fan 1.0?

    [:eek: WARNING! : THE STUPID F2P AHEAD!] do like some not spytech theme? old barn/warehouse/HOUSE?/ this model will give you the theme ------------------------------------------------------------------------ this model is from sfm but the model are only 1 skin...