help i dont have fingers anymore

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  1. Tango

    Textures producing errors and becoming transparent

    Hi all, So when I load up my map I get this error in the dev console: ::PrecacheVars: error loading vmt file for /gaybabyposter This error only occurs when you are looking at the texture. I have this set as my vmt: "LightmappedGeneric" { "$basetexture" "gaybabyposter" } So if you have an...
  2. Tango

    info_player_teamspawn can't be enabled/disabled?

    Hi all, So during the 72hour jam I had the brilliant idea of remaking shipment from Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Which is most likely the result of a severe lack of sleep and listening to Scatman John non-stop for 72 hours. HOWEVER: Now that the map has been made and tested I ran into a issue...
  3. FlashDash

    BSP Trouble

    Hi, I'm trying to extract material files for a prop from a BSP, and neither GCFScape or BSPSource are extracting them. I've tried re-downloading the map, but it still doesn't work. The error for GCFScape says: "Error writing C:\Users\MyAss\AppData\Local\Temp\blue_gravel.vmt (Error: Compression...
  4. FlashDash

    Imported Model Texture not working

    Ok, so I imported a Portal 2 Turret model so I can put it in my map. I put the files in tf/models/sigma, but loading the model in the viewer, it shows up as the turret shape, but the purple and black checkered texture. The files for the turret are: turret_01.dx80 turret_01.dx90 turret_01.mdl...
  5. Tango

    Vmt not loading for custom texture.

    Custom texture working in hammer, packed with VIDE But when ever I boot up my map with sv_pure 2 the texture is invisible and from the console it reads: CMaterial::PrecacheVars: error loading vmt file for mapping content/bitext Any known suggestions?
  6. Tango

    A better way to hallow out objects?

    Instead of using make hallow is there better way? Cause when you do hallow something, the brushes end up really funky and hard to work with. Yeah that's it
  7. Tango

    Sticking with your maps.

    I have never finished a map or even got it into a beta state. And just because I feel like any attempt at making an update will result in failure or just overall unwillingness to continue. I am usually the most stubborn person around but I just can't manage a map update. And its really sad since...
  8. Tango

    ABS problems.

    I uninstalled my ABS pack and re-downloaded it because I accidental deleted my prop libraries. And now when i search for textures they dissipate when using the tf keyword. Any ideas?
  9. Tango

    [OPEN] Trashcan's Dumpster fire of maps.

    I've made lots of map that never went anywhere, you are free to use them. Please feel free to use them. HOWEVER Please do the following: Comment on this thread which map your adopting (Please tell me the way you're crediting me) Credit for the map can be achieved through multiple ways. It...
  10. Tango

    I/O confusion.

    I'm trying to make events happen based on variables, (like # of players etc) but how would I make a event random? Like pick from 1 - 10 and (1 being A and two being B) so I could have random outputs? Im just wondering, if anybody knows that would be very helpful.
  11. Tango

    Diffrent languages

    Is it weird for people to have some games in one language and others in another? Much of my older games are in Canadian french and others (like TF2) are in English, Do other people face this issue or make their games only in one languages? I'm just wondering.
  12. Tango

    Help with hint optimization.

    If I create a hint brush (skip brush with a hint texture face like in 3kliksphilps video) does it make only the stuff inside the hint brush invisible or everything behind it until a wall? Just a bit confused
  13. Tango

    Need a idea

    Welp I am just kinda out of ideas I wanted to make a map with a boat as the main cp (koth_drydock) but I don't know what to do with the rest of the map... Suggestions or anything is helpful maybe it will spark something in my head.
  14. Tango

    koth_checkpoint a1

    A new map from the trashcan has appeared, maybe better than Iceberg but who knows! Mid has 2 towers a control point and a water route underneath, a catwalk is above the mid with ramps to access them from. Next is a little vent than can lead to the underground water route. A wall with three...
  15. Tango

    Any way to reverse gravity?

    Want to do some cool effects, there has to be a better way then using a trigger_push.
  16. Tango

    cp_oil_moutain _a1_renmed

    A King Of The Hill Map in development changed to 3cp. Produced by a dumpster. Anyways the map features a mid point with bridges a hallowed out cylinder with a vent system below. Death pit to one side and a big undecided building to the other. After that 4 entrances into a building with a high...
  17. Tango

    Packing Custom Content.

    I've been straying away from Custom Textures, models etc; because I have issues with packing them. I've tried CompilePal (CompilePalX too) but they don't seem to work or function properly. But now some models I've found would be super helpful in my maps but I can't add them without causing...
  18. [Soap] SteelCroix

    Where does tf2maps save your demo?

    I can't remember ;-;
  19. C

    All light environments for current maps

    Have you ever not wanted to copy paste all the data from a website into several different boxes in a stupid editor? Well, I have the solution for you! Introducing... The Ultimate light_environment Collection! Sure, not having to copy across info doesn't seem like a major time saver, but when...