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  1. Lord_Troll69

    Map refuseing to complie...

    Im getting so close to finishing my map and getting ready for the first playtest but the map refuses to compile and its keep compileing an OLD save of it instead the qurrent version. The compile prosses window keep saying that its something wrong whit the skybox but i dont know what's the...
  2. Drier Water Toast

    i made a tf2 map but when i made a nav mesh the bots barely even acknowledge me

    they use to kill me just fine until i typed nav_generate in the console but i needed them to walk so i though that navigation wouldn't break all of their trigger fingers help
  3. Drier Water Toast

    func_rotating stops rotating after some time

  4. K

    ahhh why is my spawn not working

    im new to hammer editor and have almost finished my first map, ive been testing it and suddenly i was spawning about 400 hammer units below the spawn point. does anyone have any fixes? also im having a problem that even when im in completely enclosed spaces it still does the hall of mirrors...
  5. Muck'n 'Ay

    Nothing but Boxes and Wireframes in Hammer Editor

    I must have either done something incorrectly or neglected it, because I can only see texture changes that I've made after I load the map. Searching through the prop libraries is also going to be tedious because I can't quite see what I select could actually like appear in-game before I run the...

    How do you make developers timelapse?

    I wanted to make a developer's time lapse for my recently finished map, yet I can't find a command that allows me to go to a certain position and angle. Can I get some help from someone experienced in making developers' time lapses?