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  1. V-Sync

    everything has gone black! not sure what I've done?

    heya guys I'm fairly new to mapping so I'm not sure whats happened with my map. after compiling it I joined in and all the brushes appeared black with only props and the skybox correct. hopefully someone could take a look at my compile log and give my some advice on how I could fix this :)...
  2. Z

    kinda buggy skybox

    the skybox is enables you to see through a wall and its not supposed to. the first picture is from the outside and the second one is from where im looking at in the first
  3. PokemonTrainerWesley

    HELP NEEDED- Deleted my Map View tools, don't know how to get them back

    somehow, I deleted my Map View tools, and I have no idea of how to get them back. I've looked the issue up on the Valve Developer Community, but the best that website gave me was "The Hammer toolbars can be removed, repositioned, and docked to help you create a layout that will work for you."...
  4. Cynder loves Portal

    nav help

    I have created the nav file using "nav_generate" but the bots will not use it! They just stand in the spawn point doing nothing!! What in the name of Celestia am I doing wrong?
  5. CubiC165[GER]

    Vertex manipulated blocks modificating themselves when load/saving

    so the problem is i created a boat with vertex manipulation but the front blocks corners move 1to20 HU over and over into the same spots? i tried turning them into entities/func_detail but it still occurs is there s1 knowing the issue and having a solution or should i just recreate the front...