heavy weapons guy

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  1. pivotman319

    The Heavy is Dead - Theatrical Release Poster 1

    "Heavy is Dead is the most hyped film ever produced by us that it was even used as a tool to kill Dracula himself!" -Fortress Films Productions
  2. SpectacularSkeleton

    Heavy's Summer Evening

    Heavy is on 2Fort with some beers and a giant rubber duck. This is my first time submitting anything for tf2maps.net. I am still relatively new to sfm so I took this as a chance to challenge myself by posing Heavy's hands and face.
  3. Dr. Salty

    Broken boat 2017-08-07

    Although scout may be the main focus in this poster, I wanted the background to be as animated as possible. Everything from Sniper peeing in the lake to medic running to soldier and demo's aid was a combination of pre-rendered poses mixed with my own posing wherever I saw fit. Also, Engie is...
  4. Moth

    72hr Heavy Weapon's guy portrait 2017-02-13

    A painting of the heavy, pushing shapes and desaturated colors, (and some grain to give it a 60's photos vibe). I used photoshop for everything.
  5. Ye Welsh Tabby

    72hr (CONCEPT ART) The Sandvich Maker

    Concept art I have made for the 72 Hour Jam. It's a chef's apron and hat for the Heavy, and is my first full on concept without using outlines. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I hope you all like it!
  6. Snailman™

    You put up good fight, little man. 1

    Sketch of Heavy after a rough run in with the enemy. Done in pen, triplus fineliner and copic ciao.
  7. AndyO's™

    72hr Merc's Training 2017-02-11

    First time being a part of the TF2 72hr jam,so why not give it a try.Enjoy :D
  8. MoneyMech

    72hr Mr. Ludwig, No! 2017-02-10

    Mr. Ludwig, No! Took about 4 hours to finish. I drew using a mouse.