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  1. cruster®

    Meanwhile at 2Fort in RED's Base 2020-09-06

    Hello. This is my another attempt of making something sensible in Garry's Mod. I know it isn't totally accurate, but I hope you like it.
  2. Privateer

    Poggers in the chat V1

    This is a EPIC battle against two greats one defender of the forest another patron of fire, who will win, who will triumph?!?!?!?!
  3. Erk

    Tip of the Hats 2017

    Tip of the Hats 2017 September 24, 2017 - TF2 Team Tip of the Hats 2017 is live this weekend! Join the fun September 22nd through the 24th, from 11am to 11pm PST, or check out the live stream on Twitch. Tip of the Hats is a charity event hosted and supported by members of the TF community...
  4. Qersojan

    Is There a Way to Disable Paint with Mods?

    TF2 has a one of a kind 1960's inspired artstyle, but over time cosmetic items have basically destroyed the artstyle. One of the worst offenders is paint. For example the Ye Olde Baker Boy fits really well within TF2's artstlye and Scouts personality, but it looks attrocious when someone paints...
  5. Devoed

    Go BLU team! 2017-02-12

    Hope you like this little SFM i made e.e
  6. Little Pixel

    Adding hats the a map.

    So I placed a few hats on my map but they don't seem to show when I'm in-game. Error! To use model "models/workshop/player/items/all_class/riflemans_rallycap/riflemans_rallycap_sniper.mdl" with prop_static, it must be compiled with $staticprop! Error loading studio model...