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  1. Drier Water Toast

    i made a tf2 map but when i made a nav mesh the bots barely even acknowledge me

    they use to kill me just fine until i typed nav_generate in the console but i needed them to walk so i though that navigation wouldn't break all of their trigger fingers help
  2. K

    ahhh why is my spawn not working

    im new to hammer editor and have almost finished my first map, ive been testing it and suddenly i was spawning about 400 hammer units below the spawn point. does anyone have any fixes? also im having a problem that even when im in completely enclosed spaces it still does the hall of mirrors...
  3. Muck'n 'Ay

    Nothing but Boxes and Wireframes in Hammer Editor

    I must have either done something incorrectly or neglected it, because I can only see texture changes that I've made after I load the map. Searching through the prop libraries is also going to be tedious because I can't quite see what I select could actually like appear in-game before I run the...