hammer errors

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  1. Retro_Pybro

    Maps I have try to run no longer work as intended.

    Explanation on how I think the problem started through my file explorer, I attempted to rename a map file which opened a open with tab, I clicked back on my file explorer but it was already to late. Now map files wont compile correctly to the game hammer telling me "The command failed. Windows...
  2. the failed Gardner

    my hammer is very very broken

    i made a test map with hammer and took a break from mapping but today when i came back i found that half my textures are missing/broken my prefabs file is empty and am missing a lot of models and the "info_player_teamspawn" does not work and even when i opend hammer++ it broke things even more...
  3. BiiigSip

    Water not textured in game, Point File not working

    In game my water functionally works but the texture for it doesn't, i know that means my map is leaking somewhere but whenever i load up the point file to tell me where it points in a direction that doesn't make any sense as that area is completely covered by walls / skybox. i would really...
  4. ChaosL100

    Map Too full?

    I'm going to make this quick. While back I stopped working on the map from my previous post to make a more simplified version. So instead of a big mashup its just going to be 2 maps. So moving forward some. I made it. Problem I'm having now is I still have an entire half of one map to add before...
  5. Bill Shit

    MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES error on a decompiled map?

    I decompiled one of Valve's own maps to practice mapping on, but when attempting to compile, I receive the MAX_MAP_BRUSHSIDES error. I read that this could be caused by the original .bsp having split faces due to the VBSP, but there are existing edits of the same map. The map's information says...
  6. Bill Shit

    Strange "ink spills" lighting error

    When I compile a map, there's many strange and unexplainable lighting errors (which the VDC refers to as "ink spills"). Even with all of the final VRAD parameters, these errors remain. I've checked the lightmap scales and they are all default and uniform, even changing them only seems to dilute...
  7. Ray is Sucky

    My map is apparently empty, even though the file size is 4879 kB

    So when I open my map in hammer, the entire map is empty, the file size hasn’t changed, the other maps seem to load just fine. I am really confused and worried right now. The VisGroups tab is also empty for some reason. I also can’t unhide objects. But I can add new entities and brushes
  8. A.I. the Artificial Idiot

    I bug is making me unable to use the hammer editor.

    So I downloaded the "Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack" as I am new to mapping and wanted a sort of jumping-off point (And a tutorial told me to) but now when I click on my hammer editor desktop shortcut to says I don't have the file or something and the other connected files are in a weird file...
  9. MrManofaMister

    i dont know whats happening pls send help [fixed]

    Yesterday I was just building my map in hammer like all the other times before, this time dabbling with the displacement tool a little, and now I've encountered some weird bug/ glitch thats preventing me from testing and playing the map in-game. Basically whenever I compile the map it loads a...
  10. ImCurentlyAlive

    Texture Menu Wont Open

    I recently updated my PC to windows 10 and now I cant open the texture menu. Everything else like the Toggle Texture application will work completely fine but for some reason it wont
  11. Dox246

    Hammer Won't Open from Bin!

    Whenever I open hammer from Source SDK, I get the error, "Failed to load the default scheme file. The map views may be missing some visual elements." I heard that to fix this, I must open hammer from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin". I try this, and the main...
  12. DirectKEK

    Hammer.exe will not open if a shortcut is made...help

    I am completely new to this, I have no experience of map making at all. So I started with looking for the batch file and Hammer.exe. However, the problem is, when I open them from File Explorer, they start with no problems. However, when I make to shortcut on the desktop and try and start them...
  13. DragonX

    Cant open Hammer because gameinfo.txt is missing but i have one

    whenever i open hammer in the bin folder it shows this error steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\gameinfo.txt is missing i tried to find it in tf folder but its there ---i verify the game files ----and deleted the hl2 application file and forcing update tf2 NOTHING WORKED i...
  14. FloofCollie

    Fixing the vvis/vrad problem without the Visual C Runtime?

    So the problem with Hammer not finding/using vvis.exe or vrad.exe is still affecting me after I installed Visual C (I ran the redistributable and I guess that was the wrong one). I'd really like to fix this without getting someone else to confirm their credentials (I'm not admin on my PC), does...
  15. 200

    Vrad/vvis seem to be broken after latest updates

    I'm not sure what happened with the latest updates. I've been searching fof the errors I'm getting here and I'm surprised noone has made any threads about it. Apparently this happend to multiple people, first reported for csgo hammer. The most werid thing is: it only affected a select few...
  16. HashtagMC

    Need to delete and compile dozens of times before changes show up

    First of all: this question isn't about TF2 maps but instead about maps for a mod, since I don't have an account in any other mapping forum and VDC is dead AF, I thought I'd post here. Technically, it's a Hammer problem. So, I've picked up a mod I started some time ago again, but I've got a...
  17. (っ◔◡◔)っ Bread

    Hammer Compiling Issues

    I have no clue what is happening to my map, first every time I compiled it, it was still a older version of the map, I tried renaming the vmf file, and then compiling, but I then got a file missing error, found parts of my displacements with func_detail (which, hopefully, I removed), I then...