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  1. Docteur Whoa

    MvM GD Caster2 1.2

    Small scale 2-players Mann VS Machines map set in an industrial environment (a metalworking plant) with dynamic elements. Looking for a new base of operation to organize their defense against the invading robots, MANN CO. settled in what seemingly was an ordinary metalwork factory, ignoring...
  2. pont

    fastener b3a

    first place in the guardian dynamica contest. :) guardian MvM is intended for two players. in place of a bomb, robots ride a pl_frontier-style train, with a secondary support train that ferries additional robots in. wrangling nextbots has never been more tedious.
  3. Startacker!

    Minor Contest #2: Guardian Dynamica

    Banner by Startacker I'm gonna be real with you, this is going to be one of the most experimental and complex contests we've ever run. Still being real with you, I'm going to love every moment of it. You have a little over a month and a half to make and submit a (preferably early beta) map...
  4. Startacker!

    Guardian Dynamica Prefab Missions V2

    Made for Guardian Dynamica, comes with two missions made by Startacker, one by Crinitus. Includes a custom material file created by Lite You are free to use these missions in any project and modify them, as long as credit is attributed to the original creators. THESE DO NOT COUNT TO THE...
  5. Startacker!

    Trust A6

    Trust is a Guardian map set in the Antarctic wasteland.
  6. Startacker!

    Guardian Gamemode Prefab V4

    The Guardian gamemode originates from CS:GO, where two players have to defend against waves of bots. This prefab takes that idea and implements it into Mann vs Machine. Includes VMF, various entities have comments on what their function is. Mission making is pretty simple, use gatebot-type...
  7. Startacker!

    [Guardian] Mercenary Park Final

    Mercenary Park ported to the Guardian gamemode. Mission hopefully balanced around two players.
  8. Startacker!

    [Guardian] Dustbowl Final

    The Guardian gamemode in CS:GO focuses on two players working together to defend a bombsite from waves of AI enemies. This conversion of Dustbowl aims to recreate some of that gameplay. The default mission is balanced around 2 players.