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  1. Freyja

    Ancient Greek Theme Pack v1

    As seen in 2021's hit summer map, CTF Hades! Now here for you to live out your wildest greek mythological dreams, from the confines of a hammer near you! ~~~~~GREEK ASSET PACK~~~~~ Version 1.0 by Freyja, Diva Dan, Yrrzy and DJB2401 ~~~~~INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS~~~~~ Place the "Greek_Assets_v1"...
  2. Stof

    Tzatziki a8b

    An ancient Greece themed 3-point payload map. Baby's first map. Credits: Autumn Oak Trees by taxicat Santorini Props and Textures by Bakscratch Alpine Rocks, fixed and mirrored! by fubarFX Forward Spawn Doors prefab by I dinne ken The Swamp Pack