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  1. FateFighter

    Details help

    Can someone tell me the details of BLENDGROUNDTOGRASS007?
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ground007 pack 5/20

    Ground007 blend pack is labeled ground7 in hammer. This pack consists of blend texture vmt's for ground007 and pretty much every rockwall texture in the game...
  3. LFSoniccraft10

    Engispy A2

    yay koth map no images for a2 yet so a1 stuff for now
  4. Dat Eagle ™

    Bianco Hills V5

    It's a large open map inspired by the original Bianco Hills from Super Mario Sunshine. This version contains: Fire Flowers [ as common spells ] Jump Pads [ if a Player uses the Jump Pads he gets a 10 seconds delay time to use it again ] Moving Boats [ Engineers can build on them too! ]...
  5. The Siphon

    Dale A2

    KOTH Dale is a map set in the green farm lands somewhere in the USA. Red and Blu are fighting over the midground between the more industrious Blu and more traditional Red. After years of lurking on the forums and couple years since my first gameplay map, I decided to give it a second go...
  6. fuzzymellow

    Fuzzy's Official Jungle Grass Release Pack! 1.0

    Fuzzy's gone and done it!! After sitting in a backup drive for almost half a year, hopefully it was all worth the wait. This .zip includes everything you need to put some grass in your art pass and then some! Major thanks to @Void for getting this all ready and to all of those who were nice...
  7. pasta masta

    How to get grown grass? koth_suijin mine two maps have not diffrent blend texture (nature/blendgroundtograss007) however my maps blend texture no have grown grass how to get grown grass on texture?
  8. Zaphy

    koth_icetrain 2017-02-13

  9. Tumby

    Themed Wood Beams And Walls + Model 1.0.1

    Files included: materials/tumb/wood/beam02 to 10; .vtf and .vmt materials/tumb/wood/wall03 to 10; .vtf and .vmt materials/models/props_tumb/wood/beam01 to 10 and wood01 to 10; .vmt models/props_tumb/wood_support/wood_support_01 and 02; .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, .mdl, .phy, .sw.vtx and .vvd Info...
  10. biskuu

    72hr koth_teaksurf a2

    This is a rather small map I created for the 72hr Summer Jam of! I worked around 13-14 full hours on it and I think for such a small project it came out very nice.