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  1. Borning Moner

    Demoknight, King of Melee 2021-12-18

    Hello, haven't drawn anything in a while, decided this event would be a good reason to make myself pick up a pencil and a stylus :D Sorry if this entry is a mess, I haven't posted anything here before :engienope: My Steam Profile Link just in case:
  2. Cyberen

    Reflective Ice Texture?

    So I know about func_reflective_glass and made a few mirrors. But I'm hoping to create a texture that acts just like reflectiveglass001.vmt (see below) but only halfway, the other half is white (or a whiteish streak texture, see attached). That will give it an icy surface look. What will also...
  3. AsG_Alligator

    Striped glass v1.1

    Fancy striped glass texture that is easier to see than stock versions.
  4. Werewolf

    Flickering visibility through glass

    I am having a visibility issue in one of my maps that I can't get my head around. Basically certain items in the map appear to flicker when viewed, but only from a particular location. I recorded this to help demonstrate: The spinning item you see is a func_rotating, and wall around it that...
  5. Flaffy

    Recommended transparent glass/window texture?

    I am making a window between two rooms, and I all the textures i find are somehow not suiting me. I was originally looking for the one used on many maps, like the one in teufort spawn. It's looks like normal glass, but with like crosses going across the glass. Hard to describe, tried my best. :/...
  6. Crash

    Team Colored Glass 2016-05-05

    glasswindow001red and glasswindow001blu Put in your tf/materials folder