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  1. Spike Nitros

    The Minuteman - Ghostly Gibus replacer 2018-07-30

    Overcharge the people at a minute's notice All-class summer fun tricorne to replace your stinky old ghostly gibus! Contributors: Extra Ram - concept Spike Nitros - model, texture DJB2401 - SFM art
  2. BossGate

    Artwork - Gibus Hoovy pixelart 1.0

    On this artwork you can see pixelated Gibus Hoovy. It's pixelart!
  3. The Gu

    Gibusvision Hoovy attempt to woo M'edic 2017-08-06

    Artwork for the jam!
  4. fat french flyer

    Pixel-art of the tf2 mercenaries 2017-02-13

    Hey guys, I just started with Pixel art so comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. By the way, I have a youtube channel you can find right here --->
  5. Mia°

    72hr Dreamy Gibus 2017-02-12

    This is my little submission for the 72hr Jam ^-^ Apologies for the low quality, I don't have a tablet so I used my smartphone to actually draw and edit this. It's perfect as a wallpaper for your smartphone, give it a try if you're looking for one! Cheers <3 id/MeeJA
  6. fat french flyer

    . 2017-02-13

  7. Not Not Me [Cz]

    72hr DatDrawin 2016-07-23

    Fun/annoyed joke about good and bad snipers.