generator destruction

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  1. TheFluffycart

    72hr Jam 2023 Filtrate a2

    Filtrate is a Generator Destruction map set in an Autumnal Factory setting. Both teams must try to capture the central point in order to lower the shield to the enemy team's generator. When the shield is lowered, players are able to shoot at the generator in order to destroy it once and for all...
  2. Yaki

    GD Sewerline a1b

    Custom Game-Mode: You Must Destroy the Generator in the Enemy Base! They're supported by two batteries that boost its defenses -- Destroy them to lower the shields, and to cause Generator Destruction! This is a map I made in a week. Probably too small. (and not well thought out as I would've...
  3. Yaki

    Generator Destruction Signs v2

    Signs that say "GENERATOR" or "BATTERY" on them. Meant for the Generator Destruction game mode. File path for all the signs is props_yaki/generator_destruction/signs/ Drop in your Custom folder to use them. No credit needed. I included a GIMP file for those that want to make their own signs or...
  4. Yaki

    Mitochondria A3

    Generator Destruction (GD for short) is a custom game mode in which players must shoot up a generator on the opposing team and destroy it to win. There are different versions of GD made by the community. In my version, the generator is invulnerable, until two separate batteries are destroyed in...