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  1. Plainz

    Gates don't open during "waiting for players"

    cp map. I can't find any information anywhere how to make them open during that phase
  2. Hombzy

    pl_cragharbor a1

    Welcome to Cragharbor! A windy and wet Payload-map set on a rocky coast. Blu is trying to push the cart from their harbour across the coast, through a tunnel all the way into the heart of the Red harbour. The 1st section of the map, leading up to point A, contains 2 gates which will open as...
  3. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Damway 1.0.0

    MvM map with facility style. And wooden thing in center. Actually, most of the map covered by old tarried lake. Two buildings - old barn and new Facility Control Center - have a bridge between them, which provides way to communicate with Dam water level control center (Red base and upgrade...
  4. rafradek

    Medieval Minceraft A13

    This medieval map was made using the map converter Stop the bomb carrier from capturing the main gate Features custom upgrades "sv_allow_point_servercommand always" is recommended to prevent medieval autorp I am also accepting custom missions made for this map, i would be thankful
  5. arthurgps2

    How do I make a door with a prop?

    I'm not talking about func_door brushes, I mean real props. I even checked out Dustbowl's VMF but I haven't got anything of it. Nothing much, just this...
  6. FishyUberMuffin

    Setup Gates

    How do I have the gates stay close for blue until the setup timers hit to 0? Did crash go over set up gates and how to tie it up with the setup timer?