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  1. Russell18

    Any suggestions about Steam running slow

    Hello friends, I have been noticing a serious problem recently, Steam is running very slow on my Windows 10 device. :(:(:(:( After getting the issue, I have removed some games from Steam :steam:, but still, the problem is arising. Then I have started to search on google, and an information got...
  2. Twist.vmf

    What are your favorite levels or locations in games?

    most of us make maps and levels, but what are some of your favorites from different games or TF2 that inspire you or you just like. here are some of mine from METRO: Last Light and here is one from portal 2 that is actually my wallpaper. the dark beauty of the Metro and Russia and the...
  3. Tango

    Besides TF2 what other game do you play?

    I’m an on and off person, play bursts of one game than another. Mostly since I can’t stick to one thing. Favourites include. Metal Gear Solid, Smash bros, Fallout, and Eve Online. How about yourself?