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  1. LizardOfOz

    Wall Climbing 2023-05-22

    Wall Climbing from VSH-VScript as a standalone thing! Easy to install, somewhat flexible and designed to co-exist with other vscript creations on the same map, which is far from a given. 1)Put melee_wall_climb.nut into tf/custom/<any_name>/scripts/vscripts/. 2)Add logic_script entity into your...
  2. Gruppy

    A-B-C Signs V3

    These were made with TCDOM in mind. Includes 4 sign models with Grey, Blue, and Red skins. Also Included is an animated arrow sign, similar to the one on Hydro. Also includes texture and .qc sources as well as the blend file
  3. LizardOfOz

    Extra Gameplay Overlays Pack 1.1a

    Have you ever looked at a control point label and asked yourself: "which stage is it, again?" Not anymore - now you get to SEE which stage you're playing! This pack includes custom control point overlays from "A" to "D" with the current state written on them! Up to FOUR stages! In RED, BLU and...
  4. nekomaster1000

    What IS Upward's theme, anyways?

    I love Upward, easily my favourite map in the game. With most of the classic maps, they're often themed around two competing faux-companies competing to capture land or blow each other up with Payload bombs (broadly speaking.) Oftentimes, the theme of the map is self-apparent in the map's name...
  5. Fault in Maps

    Half of the Control Point a2

    Flex Tape! The super strong waterproof tape that can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair! Flex Tape is no ordinary tape. It's triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to surfaces, instantly stopping the toughest leaks. Leaky maps can cause MAJOR damage, but flex tape grips on tight and...
  6. NachoBIT


    So, this is my first TF2 map! So, a lot of people said that i should start by grabbing a map and add fix the parts that you don't like a lot. So that's what i did! I looked at servers that only have what's called "Orange Maps" that are just maps with dev textures and they only focus on...
  7. blaholtzen

    Halloween Resupply Locker 2019-09-21

    Ever been bothered by how there's no resupply locker that matches the halloween medkits? Well now there is! Here's a spooky closet, full of candy and ammo. Fits as well in a haunted mansion as it does in a creepy barn or a bedroom without a nightlight Enjoy! Model: DatGmann -...
  8. Contro

    Koth_Vacant a1

    I had a theme in mind at the start of making this map, but ended up focusing on the game play aspect of the map. First Map showing off in tf2 maps, don't expect much.
  9. Zoomspilo

    Gameplay theory of A/D

    Hey, I really want some help on A/D gameplay. I haven't been able to find any resources on the general flow and/or gameplay of A/D, and I really could use some help with it! I'm specifically working on 2CP, but I assume a lot of it applies to most A/D gametypes. If you have any advice or...
  10. ☜Freekill☞

    Team Fotress 2: Minigames 2.0

    TF2 Minigames is an ongoing project aiming to add a minigame every single 72 Hour TF2 Jam, this is my second upload so there are 2 minigames. I'm always looking for feedback, if you have time please leave a comment in the thread. MINIGAMES: ??? - 2016 Winter Jam ??? - 2016 Summer Jam...
  11. Aeix

    Moon Maps with Low Gravity?

    So my project (pl_moonrock) is a moon-themed map, as the title would suggest. Having recently stumbled across the point_client/servercommand entities, I have now realised that low gravity would be possible within the map :P Whilst this would certainly make for fun gameplay, would it make for...
  12. ElixBun

    Paradiso Gameplay_01

    This is a King of the Hill map with a tropical theme (still in whitebox, so no pretty visuals yet). The map is generally ring-shaped, with a large pond in the middle. The capture point is on a small island in the center, connected by bridges to the ring-shaped exterior of the map. I designed...