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  1. Vlad

    Hud for a cp+pl hybrid map.

    So, I am currently working on a map where Blu firstly has to capture a point for then a payload cart to come to that point to then be pushed all the way to the end. My problem is that, on my first try, the hud with the capture point did not show at all, but after I captured it the payload hud...
  2. Crrrrrrystal

    TF2Maps gamemode distributions

    Obviously this will change, but as of writing this up, here is the distribution of gamemodes over all the maps in the TF2Maps downloads section: "Other includeas all maps not included elsewhere in the map including Special Delivery, Trade Maps, and Territorial Control (and others). As you can...
  3. FishyUberMuffin


    What is your favorite gamemode?