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  1. Erk

    CP - Snagged a9a

    As the tag line says, its a 3cp a/d map set with an alpine theme using Diva Dans trees which I'll link below. Very great textures: https://tf2maps.net/threads/fuzzys-tf2-urban-texture-pack-72-hour-jam.34216/ Very good trees: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/tall-thin-pine-trees.5846/
  2. fuzzymellow

    Fuzzy's Crystal Recolor Mini-Pack! Ver. 1

    Hello friends!! Fuzzy here again, this time with a small, lil prop re-color pack just in time for the hallowed, spooky season of mapping ahead! Included in this pack are seven new recolors of a Moonbase/Asteroid prop for you to use in either team-colored areas, out-of-bounds neutral detailing...
  3. fuzzymellow

    Fuzzy's Jungle Pre-Release Map Texture Pack 2017-02-13

    Hey all! Fuzzy here, formerly RetroCitrus, MellowRetro, etc Decided to churn out a small, but hopefully decent map texture pack this weekend with my boy Void helping me with all this on the Hammer side of it all. Thanks for stayin' up late with me gettin this out, man, you really are The Best~...