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  1. Trakmer

    72hr Jam 2022 {Model} Visitor From Time

    Doesnt matter where they run or when they hide but you will find them, thanks to this jacket and sweet visor doesnt matter where or when you go you will look the part. This year was quite the challenge, first time doing a jacket and managed to squeese the visor in the last hours, the rig for...
  2. Only 0.15%

    time_clach V4.3

    Now there is some screenshots
  3. D

    Futurama A2.1

    This is A2 A1 is here -> https://tf2maps.net/threads/futurama.32579/#post-414928 Screenshots Changelog: better lighting Improved side rooms and props cleaned up the geometry added floors and sprays Bugs: Has no health packs except for resupply locker Things that will be added: Trams to...
  4. D

    Futurama A1

    Futurama is a CTF map set in the year 3000 and is my 2nd map This map is very spy tech and is very long Screenshots: Bugs: Looks very dark Has no health packs except for resupply locker Map has holes leaving to skybox This is the A1 build Installation: put in maps folder
  5. Mikroscopic

    72hr Jam 2022 Argon a6

    Entry into the 2017 Winter TF2jam.
  6. Ninja-of-Sauce

    United Future - Solar Panels, Wind Turbines

    Hey folks, Looking for any new green technology to place in maps. I am building a cityscape of slightly forward future tech. Hard to feel immersed without some details. There are a great variety of solar charging devices now. Panels and solar concentrators, little spinning solar charging...