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  1. Lupe #savetf2

    Cp_storage 1.0

    My first Cp map and in my opinion the best map i have ever made. Cp_storage take place in a Mann Co. storage how have been dominated by the Red Team, and now the Blue team have to take it back. The fight take place in 2 different areas, the first point being in a large open area, and the...
  2. 1ggy

    tf2 funny montage 2022-07-23

    Я собрал и отредактировал свои смешные tf 2 моменты
  3. JDiscoolguy

    Musical Madness Warpaint. 1.0

    This is a classical music-themed warpaint.
  4. @Psycho on Steam

    Mick Ray 1

    (NO DISRESPECT INTENDED... at all. I love Rick May) Rest in peace. I just made this as a funny image to make people smile.
  5. Technochips

    vip_upward v4

    You've heard of vip_badwater, now get ready for vip_upward. This is just pl_upward, but instead of a bomb there's the Civilian. Now, this map doesn't have a final control point, and instead have a huge welcoming pit at the end. I'm sure you'll figure out where the Civilian should go. Features...
  6. amasterfuljuice

    jimijam is the imposter!?!?!?12 (gone sus) (war paint) 2021-12-19

    helldriver base paint. Jimijam's look of choice (War Paint) to celebrate the tf2maps community and the jam. donate to the charity. I know it looks bad but I am too tired this is good enough. standard size and alpha channel and stuff. aright but seriously answer me (who is joe)?
  7. Blankoy

    Demoman TF2 2021-12-19

    This is a short video I whipped up in around an hour and half for the jam. Sorry it's not the most clever or polished idea wise but I've been busy, hopefully it's high quality enough to make the cut. Youtube link for those who do not wish to download it: (rightfully so) View...
  8. Foxbyte_

    Heavy Love A1

    It's a bloody Australian Christmas miracle!
  9. Yelta + 옐다

    Small project ideas?

    This might be a silly question, but I haven't made a map in a while and just felt like getting into hammer again. Thing is, I don't have time, motivation or knowledge to make an entire map. I'd much rather do just a few rooms, with a lot of detailing, some funny things like pits and trains, much...
  10. zythe_

    zythetiftid_mc19 a1

    a collaborative project for the 19th mircrocontest with @Tiftid who made what side? who knows! lets see if 14bit can figure it out.
  11. Tymeggs

    Hell Zone 2021-10-11

    meet Hell Zone: the worst TF2 map ever made! It's so bad that some classes cannot function here at all!
  12. Lo-fi Longcat

    lofis lowercase sunday the fifth of september halloween gameday

    hello i am going to host an eu gameday on sunday the fifth of september that will be playing cool funky halloween maps that are not yet ingame from this and previous years here is the maplist in no particular order ctf_hades pd_scarab pl_oasis_event pd_lumberyard_event pl_abaddon...
  13. explosive_clone_cube

    trade_sh0e-fort 2021-08-25

    a sequel to my other map called koth_murray_slurry this map is a joke. I am not actually insane. I dont know who made the doug walker 10 hottest women meme or the doug walker polar express kid meme I just had them on my computer. apart from that I made the rest of the map. also I didn't make...
  14. Cindycomma

    Heron's really stupid sign edits V2

    I made some edits of the sign084 texture, better known as the DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE | KEEP OUT sign This pack contains 7 signs as of the first release, including 2 signs that can be used in more serious maps The .ZIP contains a folder to create your own sign as well, the font is Arial Bold To...
  15. R60D

    dr_r60d redux_fix4b

    The map has in total 23 unique traps and 19 trap locations. Some traps have different results, which explains the 23. There are 5 Minigame and 2 of them are hidden ones. Good luck finding them. Can you find the sprite cranberry? Any feedback is appreciated :) This map made by yours truly has...
  16. Cool Dakota

    Super 'Murican God Super 'Murican 2018-07-29

    I've been meaning to draw a lot more recently, and I accidentally got a dash of TF2 in my Goku. Noteworthy details include the 6 white hair spikes and 7 red, and the kanji being swapped out for the Soldier Emblem
  17. YOYOYO

    Funny Bugs

    Ok, So this thread is used to show funny/strange bugs you've found In the game. Here Are some examples! A strange Arm (this is what happens when you equip the gunslinger, but it somehow keeps the glove texture): And here's what happens when you change disguises too quickly:
  18. Chris Hansen |

    what are your intentions with my sister 2017-08-07

    Used SFM and Photoshop.
  19. PatrickFox

    How the spy gets his girls. 2017-08-06

    I made this sfm pic for the 72 hr jam! I'm still fairly new soo XD. But anyways hope you guys like! My steam profile for the medal:
  20. Dr. Maxxis

    A Few Posterz I Made...

    Wanted to see what you guys over here thought of these? Its been a bit since I posted something on here... I think the last thread post I made was back in the Winter Jam! So, Have I Improved since then? "Innocence" "Rust and Lime" "Tropical, I suppose"