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  1. FateFighter

    Leak Error

    such a mistake Entity func_physbox_multiplayer (12400.00 -13040.00 -7002.00) leaked! but there is nothing here and still it leaks
  2. Pickle Da Goldfish


    I have run into a problem with func_physbox. It can't be moved with explosions or by shooting at it. It can however be moved by projectiles like the cleaver and demoman's pipes and stickies. Is there any way at all to make it so that it can be affected by bullets and explosions?
  3. Mr. Origen

    Is there a way to force ammo and health pickups to respawn? I have mine parented to a func_physbox.

    I'm working on a trade map and I have my health and ammo pickups set as children of a func_physbox so they can rotate. The only issue is that this breaks their auto-materialize functionality, or at least it seems that way. When I pick them up, the never respawn. Is there a way I can fix this...
  4. V

    Grunge_Bar 2019-08-06

    Small bar with physics objects.
  5. Pominalis

    Stuck in a spinning brush, need help

    I've been working on this map for a long time and have gone through many iterations of it. My latest idea of a giant auger in the middle of the map was cool, but it was just a fancy death pit. I isolated it in a test map but found that trying to stand on it just gets you stuck as it rotates...
  6. Call_Me_Meme

    I need some help with func_physbox entities.

    I'm trying to make a map with a lot of breakable materials using func_physbox entities. For some reason whenever I make a world brush into a func_physbox entity, it keeps reverting back to a world brush. Whenever I make it a func_physbox, everything seems to work normally but whenever I...
  7. Kunny

    Func_Physbox question.

    In my map I have a ball that players can run up and hit it with their melee and it sends the ball flying. I want to make it so the ball kills players that it hits.
  8. ficool2

    How do you stick Engineer buildings to moving objects?

    Since the download link below has died without any mirror or archive, I have to ask if anyone knows how to do it. I need it to be attached on a motion disabled func_physbox, which will then move.