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  1. Trooffe

    cp_nehtol a1

    BLU is trying to get into their hands a giant stocks of steel. So they want to try at night.
  2. Über 1

    Giant 2020-06-20

    Welcome to the war! Start the battle for the center and cargo of the huge Zeppelin "Giant". This is my first experience in creating maps, so please do not judge me too much and report any errors you notice. I am particularly grateful to UEAK Crash and Team Frontline because they inspired me to...
  3. Mythics

    72Myth A4

    My entry for the 2018 72hr summer jam. This is a Frontline themed koth map that is based at a harbor.
  4. BigfootBeto

    Animated Frontline Propellers 2017-03-08

    I animated the propeller texture for the bomber plane so that it doesn't look frozen while flying. Uploaded with permission from Bapaul. How to Install: Navigate to your Frontline folder (probably in your tf/custom folder) Go to Frontline_Supply_Drop_v1.x.x/materials/models/props_frontline...
  5. AlexCookie

    Subway B3

    SUBWAY Trade map that takes place in a NY subway station. Current state - Beta 3 Screenshots: Special thanks to: Frontline! team - for - Frontline! Asset pack iiboharz - for - TF2Maps Steam Workshop Resources
  6. BigfootBeto

    Luftangriff B5a

    A Frontline/Rottenburg Themed map. After the control point is captured sirens go off, and, well, if you translate "Luftangriff" you'll know what happens before anyone else- nevermind everyone's dead. View: Luftangriff is finally in Beta! Woo! Pics:
  7. Flower_Shop_Guy

    Multi Stage fsgunt2 (dev name) a2

    pl_fsgunt2 (Flower Shop Guy's Untitled) - 3 stage payload map with goldrush gameplay style, set in frontline theme (can change). Well, that's all for now. :) Map overview:
  8. Necrσ

    72hr PD_Wasteland b2c

    This is my entry for the 72 hour summer jam. NOTE: Currently there is a more updated version on the workshop so its best to download it there until I get around to updating this one I will be updating this map after the jam as there are still improvements to be made regarding gameplay and...