freak fortress 2

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  1. NukiDoagle

    Arena Backside Alpha 1

    Hello everyone, Arena Backside is a map for arena mode but also for vsh/ff2 mode (Versus Saxton Hale/Freak Fortress 2). The map is in the alpha stage, and along the way I will update it with suggestions from the public as well as my ideas. The map currently looks quite bad visually, but it is...
  2. ★GANGST★

    vsh_mannopolis_mannco_shopping_mall_public 1.5 Fix

    Notice: This is the "Versus Saxton Hale" version of my map. I have plans on making a separate version of this map to work in trade servers. Map Summary: (Map made by me, Building and Hovercar Props by "The Winglet") Hello all and say hello to my very first Team Fortress 2/Versus Saxton Hale...
  3. mintoyatsu

    vsh_mariokart v5

    This is a new unique map designed for the VSH gamemode and is not a port. Tested with VSH2 plugin and default bosses. Map Credits: Xenon - Textures Archanor - Textures, Models
  4. jaguar

    72hr vsh_bigrock_b4 2017-02-13

    A Versus Saxton Hale / Freak Fortress 2 Map Created for the 72h Jam Medieval prefabs by Christoph Manschitz