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  1. Werewolf

    What is 'lag' - The difference between FPS and Ping (A Steam Community Guide)

    A few years ago I wrote up a guide on the difference between FPS and ping/latency with the aim of getting better map feedback. Basically back in the day I used to use the Steam group I ran to test out versions of my Deathrun maps and get player feedback. However I would notice that a lot of the...
  2. Billo

    trouble with optimization with my map skyfortress

    so first of all thanks a lot guys for your feedback support and special thanks to crowbar for giving me a ton of help! so for the past month or 2 i am working on the aplha version of skyfortress. that map is going pretty good i made a ton of changes thanks to the feedback but there is one thing...
  3. Werewolf

    Low Texture Detail launch option for expert compile?

    For testing purposes I have been trying to make TF2 load in DirectX 8 with the texture detail set to low. Various sources point to using the mat_picmip command set to "2", (where "-1" = Very high, "0" = high, "1" = medium" and "2" = Low) so naturally I assumed that adding -mat_picmip to the...
  4. Billo

    i am looking for ways to improve fps on my map

    i am looking to improve fps on my map one guy told me and i really appreciate it that my map has low fps (18-20 ) he told me about optimization i have placed nodraw pretty much everywhere not visible except from ground for obvious reasons i used func_detail to some buildings on detail and yea...
  5. ☣ DzoT ☣

    Low fps when Spectating

    Welp, i'm making Jailbreak map. So when map fully compiled i got like ~3 fps... When i'm adding an bot and start playing, i got ~200+ fps.. So what is problem? :o (Sorry for bad English)
  6. BenCo

    What is the REAL pc requirements for TF2?

    *Sigh* Tf2 can't run on this pc.... I mean calculator. I'm having the requirements what the steam page says. But since I soon get a better computer I want to know what's exactly the real requirements since what the steam page says it's really out of date. And now everyone have a good laugh...