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  1. justin_ (f2p) (real)

    randoblu flooded a1

    the randoblu variation no one asked for now here, do some tomfooleries and chill around while playing pyroshark ig
  2. Badger_

    Flood Factory A1

    This is one of the first playable maps I have made, Flood Factory is a koth map with far too much water than needed. Set in a flooded... factory... you must cap and hold the point until the timer runs out to win the game. If you enjoy using the Neon Annihilator, have fun with this one. If you...
  3. GalcticPotato Glitch

    ctf_flooded v 0.5

    After several days of rain, both BLU and RED bases were completely flooded, causing massive land damage. A few days after the flood, the maercs have to fight again. The map is capture the flag because it's my favorite gamemode, it's easy to make, and i feel it's the most apropiate to express my...