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  1. M

    koth_onepoint a3

  2. JViktor

    Lavaflood B1

    The Lava will rise Randomly, dealing damage to player and blocking certain paths. But players are still able to move to the objective. Custom content used:- Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack by A -Boojum Snark -Map Start-up Prefab by Fr0z3n -Frontline Asset Pack -Swamp Asset Pack -Hi-res...
  3. GalcticPotato Glitch

    ctf_flooded v 0.5

    After several days of rain, both BLU and RED bases were completely flooded, causing massive land damage. A few days after the flood, the maercs have to fight again. The map is capture the flag because it's my favorite gamemode, it's easy to make, and i feel it's the most apropiate to express my...