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  1. Gruppy

    Flat Color Dev Textures v1

    3 flat textures
  2. I Darkstar X

    Shrouded Outskirts A2

    The first of three payload maps where the planet is freezing to death and there is no more natural light. If you're unlucky enough to have played my first ever payload map, it is the same setting. (May also hint at what the third and final map might look like. A little.) This payload map...
  3. birds are great

    koth_sawdust_a1 2020-09-06

  4. birds are great

    koth_sawdust_a1 2020-09-06

    its ok
  5. birds are great

    koth_sawdust 2020-09-06

    its ok but its fun!
  6. grtgmzlol

    flat grounds A1

    flat,plain,and a little bit misalingned, this is a sandy map which has nothing but some biuldings