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  1. Brushwagg Connoisseur

    htf prefab (hold the flag) a1

    HOW TO USE: place the logic outside the map. place the flag in a center position on the map. GAMEPLAY USE: this mode consists of a neutral flag in the center of the map, and each team must hold the flag for 90 total seconds. make sure to place a func_flag_alert (and also set an output to...
  2. Kepler

    King of the Flag - Cotswolds A11

    After a CTF match ended with both teams capping the intel at the exact same time, both teams must fight to hold the radar (custom model will be made for the flag) for 3 minutes to transfer the enemies intelligence back to the base. What happens with this intelligence? It is sent to the UK...
  3. Yrr

    Smissmas gift icon sprites 1

    icon_gift icon_gift_red icon_gift_blu icon_gift_arrow icon_gift_red_arrow icon_gift_blu_arrow Useful for marking capzones or gift flag spawns etc.
  4. @Psycho on Steam

    'Murican Pride 1

    Saluting Soldier in front of a flag with a trippy zoom-in effect.
  5. Gothic Organist

    Reskinned animated DeGroot_keep flag a6

    Cp_degroot_keep's flags, but now reskinned to flags of 13 countries, 2 cities, 2 provinces and 4 miscellaneous flags. To be used for world building, shameless patriotism or just some colourful decoration. The flags include the countries: Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Finland, The...
  6. lucky

    luckyjam a2a

    thanks yrrzy for jump pads thanks squishy for purple
  7. TheFluffycart

    A/D Defuse Template a1

    Welcome to another defuse template (Yes, I know I've posted it too much, this is hopefully the last one tho). As the title suggest, this is an A/D defuse in which instead of only planting one bomb, blue needs to plant two of them to win. This was actually brought up in the discord server. and I...
  8. zythe_

    zythe piuc a2

    [ABANDONED] i gave up lol A Hold the flag map made for the "Pick it up contest"!
  9. Kellosian

    CTF_freeflow V1

    A CTF map designed to promote attacking instead of defending, capturing instead of turtling. Features a large intel room in front of spawn with numerous ways for the opposing team to enter, loads of flank routes, and a large mass of freight cars in mid to allow for close-quarters combat and...
  10. r0nii

    How to make custom hud for map? (solved)

    I have made a map which are bit like capture the flag and are almost done. the flag spawns and 30seconds after the flag spawns will explode and the flag will reset. Its unfair because you don't know when will explode till you will count down. Do anyone knows how to make custom hud and put it...
  11. Z

    I dunno A1

    see tag line
  12. hutty

    powercell A8

    PLR Powercell is a small payload race map where the carts cannot move by being pushed. Instead the battery (a re-skinned flag) must be placed into the cart. There is only one battery on the map so teams must fight over it stealing from the enemy cart and putting it into their own. If left...
  13. TitanT

    Team Fortress Classic styled flags V1.5

    Yes I know there is already a team fortress classic flag in the files but I wanted to make my own one, okay? Big thanks btw to IQNUA who helped me with the textures Todo: -add pickup icons
  14. MegapiemanPHD

    Logic72 a2

    *yes the cap timer thing on the hud stutters. I don't know how to fix this but am aware it happens so don't tell me* Logic is my attempt to "fix" ctf by using the method of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. I think the logic is solid but not so sure about the layout...
  15. GalcticPotato Glitch

    ctf_flooded v 0.5

    After several days of rain, both BLU and RED bases were completely flooded, causing massive land damage. A few days after the flood, the maercs have to fight again. The map is capture the flag because it's my favorite gamemode, it's easy to make, and i feel it's the most apropiate to express my...
  16. Yabayabayaba

    flag not respawning correctly

    i am having a consistent problem with a flag. it works fine, but as soon as I parent it to a func_tracktrain it does not respawn correctly. When it respawns it spawns off to the side, each time the flag returns it spawns off to the side from where it should be. the entities are a copy from the...
  17. Mikroscopic

    Pizza Bag Intel a2

    Pizza delivery bag custom intel model Model by @Mikroscopic , textures by @fuzzymellow Includes: One team colored flag with red, blue, and neutral skins plus an extra green skin One permanent neutral flag 3 different LODs for each model
  18. Midlou

    Facility Build55

    And yes, I know it's not 'jungle'. Have fun. Team Fortress 2 Workshop: Facility Map by Midlou Custom content: Tf2maps Construction
  19. Tumby

    DIY Banner with custom skins 1.0

    The C-banner from degrootkeep. Recompiled to allow up to 8 (0 to 7) skins. Use the provided images to properly make your own texture(s) and save them anywhere within the materials filepaths that you want. Texture files must obviously be VTF. Edit the VMTs (path...
  20. SirUnknown

    Is there a way to make a trigger only work if the flag holder is present?

    I want to have a door that opens to the capture zone, and the door only opens to the intel holder