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  1. GigaBite

    Cannot repackage maps on Windows 10 or 11

    Hi everyone, I've looked around and I can't find a solution to this issue which I'm sure many of you have faced with trying to repackage your maps, so I thought I'd ask for help here. As part of the criteria for submitting a map for testing as layed out in the map test guide, we need to repack...
  2. Dime

    Where to put downloaded custom models?

    I downloaded some custom models to put into my map, but I don't know where to put them. Specifically, these ones. Printer Card Reader Mikros Office Pack Mainframe Computer I have unzipped the files but still don't know.
  3. JackHunderwald

    VIDE won't work as intended

    Hello everyone, just a quick post because my VIDE doesn't seem to work, I send the map file after the process to my friend and everytime he tells me that the models are still missing. any ideas?
  4. KoShoMasu

    Christmas Lights cable files on hammer.

    Hello everyone, I'm looking if someone figure out where the Christmas Lights sprite is hide in the tf2 files ? I would like to export the texture to another source games... I know a post has been created 4 years ago, and I hope someone find the location after all this time... Here's the link...
  5. Lokk iz a skul

    Issues compiling

    I had recently made some big changes in one of my Maps that I was working on, and I saved and compiled it. However, when I loaded into the map, it retained its previous state. I tried saving it separately and compiling it again but it just said that it couldn't find the new saved version of the...
  6. DirectKEK

    Hammer.exe will not open if a shortcut is

    I am completely new to this, I have no experience of map making at all. So I started with looking for the batch file and Hammer.exe. However, the problem is, when I open them from File Explorer, they start with no problems. However, when I make to shortcut on the desktop and try and start them...
  7. Rhinistic Missile

    deleted map

    so this is not a map making question, but I maybe someone knows. I wanted to play the 2fort invasion map but I deleted it (long story), thinking I would just re download it when I went to play it. But when I try to play it, instead of downloading the map, it just says I don't have the map. is...
  8. arthurgps2

    What's the alarm trigger sound's file name?

    Hello, so um, it's me again. So I was thinking, t would be a good idea if I add an intelligence alarm to my CTF map I'm currently making, so i added an alarm light and an ambient_generic entity into my intelligence room, and did all the outputs to the alarm light to trigger and the sound to...
  9. Admiral Metal Giant

    where to find server-downloaded maps?

    So there was a medic vs engineer server I joined and on one of the maps it has this door that was labeled VIP with a 3x3 set of squares that I assumed was a keypad. To figure out how to get in, I loaded up hammer and tried to find the map (it was called zs viaduct) and look at the "button"...
  10. Piezo_

    BSP file request: mario_kart_deluxe_v5

    Does anyone still have the BSP file for mario_kart_deluxe_v5? I have some treally fond memories of this map, and I have a small server that i occasionally run. I've been trying to track down the BSP file for this map, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If someone has it sitting around in...
  11. +200 pings

    Hammer is not showing up

    hammer is not showing up on my localization files... it used to be there, what happened?
  12. Erk

    Difficulty Generating .pop Files

    I decided to start an mvm map for the contest, and I've copied the entities required from the mvm_example.vmf. However when I start the map up, the wave number stays at 0, even though I've copied the mvm_example.pop file and renamed it to my map name. I've used nav_generate, and...