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  1. Gaijinviking

    Canals (Arena) A1

    This is meant to be a fast-paced tiny arena map for TF2Classic Story: The Four Teams RED, BLU, GRN, and YLW are fighting over an Abandoned MANN CO. Missile Silo that they want to restore and Blow-Up one of their Enemys Main Base's.
  2. Z

    Flash Freeze A3

    Read tag line.
  3. Z

    Fast Freeze A1

    An experiment in both making my first winter map, but also a very quick cap time. My hope is that this will make for an intense "tug-of-war" type map.
  4. Flareblood

    Speedjump A1

    you'll see
  5. Flareblood

    arena_sonicspeed A1

  6. latios95

    Arena_Madcap 2016-07-04

    The arena version of my map : dm_madcap. I hope you appreciate it.
  7. S

    koth_crazy 2016-03-24

    Hate those long respawn times? Tired of how hard it can be to kill people? Well say hello to koth_crazy! You may be dying every 10 seconds after you respawn but it will only take one second to respawn! In my opinion faster game play is funner game play...
  8. Basically... FlirtySlash

    cp_2fast4u A3_01

    How quick a round can be? 2FAST4U answer this question. Small map with caping speed of 2 second + deadly lava pit for more fun. (More deadly stuff will be added in near future)