fast paced

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  1. waterbottle50

    koth_midway_rise 2021-10-10

    This is my first map ive made it is a small koth map themed around trains and industry it is made to be a face paced map for those who like the rush of tf2, Please feel free to give me any feedback in the comments and enjoy
  2. BOEN

    koth_byramid v2

    Hey everyone! This is my first king of the hill map! I started this map way way back when they first added king of the hill as a gamemode. I felt the cap speed was way too slow on stock KOTH maps, so I wanted to show the proper way to do it. I never actually finished the map up until just...
  3. Gloo

    Depot A2

    Depot is my first map, so I tried minimize complexity and keep it simple. I'd love to hear any sort of constructive criticism so I can learn how to improve my skills. Current Alpha Goals: Test with real players, and determine what needs adjusting KNOWN ISSUES: The map might be brighter than...
  4. NiallBTboy

    koth_wallgate_a1 A1

    Koth_Wallgate is set in an old victorian style trainyard. Being relatively small, this king of the hill map is fast paced and will be a brutal battle. This is my first map. I welcome any constructive feedback. I also acknowledge that this map will be nowhere near the standards of some amazing...
  5. ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94

    Close N Personal A1

    Well, I wouldn't be complete if I didn't upload my first hammer creation ever would I? The only recent addition was the skybox (was quickly and rather crudily made, made it to learn how to make skyboxes), I had everything else done a month ago when I made it... In like 2 days. I may update...
  6. M

    Courtyard a21

    Created by Juan Deagle (Koulit) And Woodspeople. A small fast-paced KOTH map based in a city setting, with small courtyards on the point and near the spawns.
  7. 14bit

    Holcan A2

    Holcan is a somewhat unique take on capture the flag. The bases and flags are much closer than usual, but there are doors sealing off the easy way into the intel rooms. As soon as the enemy flag is grabbed, the doors begin to slowly open, providing an easy escape from the base. But be warned, as...
  8. Foot

    Eminence a2

    Eminence. A fast paced koth map. Here are some screenshots. There are some visual bugs in the screenshots, but i have fixed them.
  9. General Cuddles

    koth_simple a3

    This is my first map created for TF2. I will continuously update the map until I feel like it's done. I will always try to listen to the community's feedback. If you have an idea for the map, leave a comment and I might add it. If I do add it, I will be sure to credit you!