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  1. Gruppy

    Falling Ash Particle v1

    Particle sprite ported from EP1 env_ash
  2. Muenster Monster

    An sfm short! 2019-08-04

    A 15 second Source Filmmaker short, featuring a RED Engineer relaxing on a beach and a RED Scout standing on a distant rock formation...and falling off.
  3. N

    Overtopolis A5

    You can play this map 24/7 on my server. IP: Welcome to the grand city of Overtopolis! A sprawling Team Deathmatch map that will send you plummeting to you death laughing a thousand times! To score points on Overtopolis, kill players or capture the opposing team's control...
  4. Da Spud Lord

    (NOT Fixed) MvM Tank Falling Through Grate

    Hello, So I decided to start detailing mvm_cargoship. I replaced the floor of the bomb hatch area with a metal grate, with the plan of adding stuff underneath of it (as an out-of-bounds area). Unfortunately, I recently discovered that the tank now falls through the grate whenever it reaches it...