fall damage

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  1. Minelord

    Highlight alpha 2 B

    Red and Blue have both laid eyes on a base in the mountains somewhere in North America, hoping to take control of it to use something it has to help get something very important.
  2. Yaki

    GUIDE: Pseudo-Reduce Halloween spell damage (and other damage types) for Medieval Mode

    EDIT March 9th, 2021: This post is obsolete. You can still use this method, but there are other advanced methods to take advantage of! Hello! I am writing this guide because I want to share my findings on how to reduce damage for specific damage types listed in the game's code. This can be...
  3. ISPuddy

    No Fall Damage Zone 1

    when falling hopeless players touches this trigger before hitting the ground fall damage will not take effect on them -this is for those who doesn't have the special fgd or doesn't know how to use actually trigger_add_or_remove_tf_player_attributes.
  4. Mathyaz

    Fall Damage Filters

    In the spawn room for my map, koth_wharfcrane, I have a second floor/hallway to make room for four more spawns for 32 players. That spawn area is exactly 256 hu off the ground to clear doorways and resupply lockers. RED SPAWN I know that some players enjoy the jumping classes (Scout...