experimental layout

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  1. Viliam

    Elevation 3

    Layout testing. And yes, the buildings are canonically 5000 ft lol WARNING! The dying trigger is not finished yet, you need to killbind if you fall off. If you don't know how to killbind, read this carefully: 1. Open the console using the ` (~) button on your keyboard. If you have console...
  2. Catastrophic

    How do I make my map feel less empty?

    It's my first time making a map, it's a KOTH map and it's a flat square map and has two sniper towers, a small platform to the control point, and the two bases in opposite corners. It has a mix of regular and dev textures but I plan on changing that. Anything else I need to add or change? Also...
  3. pogviuemper

    Multi Stage Radio final1

    This is the first map out of my experimental layouts series. In these maps I'm going to try different and crazy concepts to see how they work. The idea behind Radio is very simple: it's small. In this map I try to make an arena-sized KotH work. And as of July 7th 2022 patch, this map is also...
  4. NTMonsty

    Ant Farm A2

    Ant Farm stemmed from my weird fascination with ant farms. It might be rough around the edges, but it works. This map is almost entirely vertical, except for the control point's area, which is more 3-Dimensional. This map is also kind of experimental, so don't expect it to be played very seriously.
  5. Pdan4

    koth_experiment_a01 a1

    Dev textures and dynamic lights, oh my! Halloweenish, right at the eleventh hour. But only ish. This map comes after 10+ years fooling around in Hammer (75% non-TF2), and this is my first uploaded map to TF2maps. The theory is the follows: teams need to be able to split up and also have some...