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  1. CriticalFeesh

    koth_deathstrut a1

    Disclaimer: this is a joke map, dont take this seriously A storage facility (currently in dev textures) filled with enviromental hazards (and Merasmus)

    Pitfall A2

    Now 98.2% less sightline issues! Hopefully! Koth_pitfall is a map which draws inspiration from established KoTh design principles with a twist in the mid point. Featuring a big ol' pit in right below the point and a small underground section, this map plays a fair bit with verticality and...
  3. Loose Noose

    cp_aliendonut a1c

    Please leave any and all feedback!
  4. Itspice

    Pipedream a1b

    a single stage attack defense map with the theme of "a bunch of pipes" Blu attacks a pump station with a cylinder as cover on the point, then move through a sewer or a dropdown onto the second point, a water purifier (not featured: anything resembling a water purifier).
  5. Itspice

    koth_fall a1

    somewhat vertical king of the hill map with alternate routes and a death pit, of course.