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  1. @Psycho on Steam

    'Murican Pride 1

    Saluting Soldier in front of a flag with a trippy zoom-in effect.
  2. Limta Roulence

    ERROR unusual effect 1

    This year i decided to make something different than poster, so i pick up an idea from concept of error unusual effect from reddit post here https://www.reddit.com/r/tf2/comments/imdawb/unusual_effect_missing_effect_concept/ so credit to this guy for his concept
  3. 無敗 Muhai

    Unusual effect: Broken Affection 2019-08-06

    Created by Me (Muhai), chessypuff, grambee and Mark Unread,
  4. E

    Winter's Howl 2019-08-06

    I learned how to make Unusual effects specifically for this jam - this was my first attempt. It's not the best, but I started work on this very late on the jam due to my working hours. I decided, because I'm in Australia, and the "72hr Summer Jam" takes place in winter here; I'd make an unusual...
  5. Mark_Unread

    Broken Affection

    The Broken Affection, an effect made for the 2019 72hr Jam Credits: Cheesypuff - Particles Mark Unread - Concept Art Muhai - Sprites Grambee - Promos https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1825234743
  6. Rerun

    What is this effect called?

    I have seen this thing in a lot of subgame maps, although I don't know what the entity is called in hammer, and I need to know. It was used in a lot of deathrun maps, such as bank (where the screenshot is from) and I was planning to use this thing in maps. If anyone knows the name of this...
  7. ethosaur

    72hr Ashcloud explosion unusual effect. a2

    Er.. Not my proudest effect or tf2 contribution to be honest, but I wanted to try making unusual effects again and make something for the 72hour jam. So here is a frontline inspired effect. Once I gotten some more practice I want make more high quality effects. Video:
  8. Mikroscopic

    Apply an effect the the player carrying the flag

    How would it be possible to apply a status effect (i.e. marked for death) to a player when they pick up a flag, and remove it when they drop and/or capture the flag?