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  1. floating hat

    Bonus Ducks! A1

    you need to collect ducks for merasmus's bumpercart minigames compete with your enemies who will get 100 ducks first win
  2. [GIB] Kapwiing

    Karting Tower a5

    Hello Mortals ! I present you my submission for the 2020 72H Jam. It is a remake of Helltower turned into a deadly karting race for an ancient Sumarian Magical Duck. The point of the map is to finish the race and touch the duck on the island but watch out for the traps ! Merasmus Corporate™ is...
  3. SpectacularSkeleton

    Heavy's Summer Evening

    Heavy is on 2Fort with some beers and a giant rubber duck. This is my first time submitting anything for I am still relatively new to sfm so I took this as a chance to challenge myself by posing Heavy's hands and face.
  4. Kikouille Master

    72hr Ducky Sorter! 2017-02-12

    This is my entry for the 2017 Winter 72hour TF2Jam! It's not very original, but I found out about the jam on sunday afternoon, and had not much time to work on the game. Ducks fall from the top of the screen, orient the paddle with your mouse/keyboard to move the ducks to the right side! I...