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  1. dabmasterars

    Timer doors - textures v1

    This is a set of textures for the timer door used in one of my maps - cp_edge. In this map, the timer doors are unlocked when there is less than 1 minute left on the timer. After being unlocked, they provide advantage to the attacking team, breaking stalemates. The texture was made using TF2's...
  2. Wendy

    spytech door models 1

    spytech door models and a new one that has a model and a brush texture
  3. Wheat

    Better Spytech Doorframe Models v1

    Modified versions of valve's props_spytech/doorframe005, designed to be easy to place, with more standard unit sizes snapping to the 32x grid. There are currently six new doorframe sizes: -128x128 HU -128x160 HU -192x128 HU -192x160 HU -256x128 HU -256x160 HU
  4. TH3 D34DL3$$

    trigger_timer_movable 0.9.2

    Somewhat lightweight script that manages the object movement in relation to the capture progress of spectified capture area's point Setup: 1) Setup any supported movable object how you'd normally do (Note: make sure there are nothing that changes the speed and moving direction of the entity. It...
  5. Freyja

    Wide setup gates v1

    Big setup doors as seen on pl_farmstead Not sure why I never released these but I've been asked about them a few times so here they are Uses the stock valve textures so its just a model to pack
  6. 14bit

    14bit MC3 A1

    Made in 3 hours for Microcontest 3. Features the doors from Underpass/Holcan, but with a different layout this time. It only took me six years to think of a new layout for this mode!
  7. Narpas

    Anxiedoors v1

    Scientists said it couldn't be done, but I have finally succeeded! I have finally managed to give doors social anxiety! The will now move away as you get close to them, so that you do not touch them, and will close in after you move away!
  8. AlphaOwl

    Timer/Objective Triggered Doors

    HI TF2 Mapping community, I Haven't made a TF2 map in a year, but I decided to give back to all this dedication and by being inspired by some of the stuff that was pumped out this year for content. I'm currently working on a Player Destruction Map located in the South Pole, which is owned by...
  9. 14bit

    Icebox (Arena) A1

    An arena conversion of my Winter 2017 72hr map, Icebox! This was thrown together in less than a day for use in a research project I am working on for one of my classes. The sign in spawn will be removed in future versions, should they happen. Major differences from KotH include: The spawns are...
  10. arthurgps2

    How do I make a door with a prop?

    I'm not talking about func_door brushes, I mean real props. I even checked out Dustbowl's VMF but I haven't got anything of it. Nothing much, just this...
  11. NuclearWinter

    Props and doors

    So i don't know if i'm doing something(obviously i'm doing something wrong) but when i play tf2 i see grate doors and those sheet metal ones but when i spawn ex: a grate door and try func_door it becomes a little blue ball and the prop is gone. Help? (i'm very new to mapping i cant seem to find...
  12. FishyUberMuffin

    Witch Way Doors

    Witch way do i make the doors go to make them open? I tried down but that only move them down.
  13. Conchi

    Help with func_door

    Hi. I'm new to tf2 mapping and I've come across an issue while working on my first map. Im currently working on the spawn rooms. My problem is whenever i place a door for any of the rooms it looks normal in hammer but when i run it in game it goes sideways into the door frame. I've changed the...
  14. Simulacron

    How to make a one way door?

    How can I make a one way door? When I put the trigger exactly where the door end I can still walk against the door to open it, but if I move it into the door by 1hu, you can get stuck in it. Thanks for your help!
  15. 14bit

    Holcan A2

    Holcan is a somewhat unique take on capture the flag. The bases and flags are much closer than usual, but there are doors sealing off the easy way into the intel rooms. As soon as the enemy flag is grabbed, the doors begin to slowly open, providing an easy escape from the base. But be warned, as...
  16. Potada

    Help with nav mesh and doors.

    So, I'm currently working on a ctf map. The way it's set up, there are some faster side routes you can use to get to the intel, but once you grab said intel, most of that side locks down via the doors. The problem is, I can't seem to get the bots to realize they're hitting a "locked" door once...
  17. Twist.vmf

    How do i make a prop door

    i have seen doors on maps that are prop models but i don't know how to make them can i please get some help :/
  18. FortyTwo

    MVM bot's navigation problem/bug(?)

    So in mvm_cargo, It have doors for the trains to pass through and robots to take shortcut, so I have a navigation inside the door so robots know that they can walk through this door. Since that the door will keep either opening or closing, I have a tf_point_nav_interface to update the .nav file...
  19. gommi

    input for doors

    i need some input to lock doors and change spawn when team cap a point i'm gonna list what i need this is a scheme of where are the spawns with doors and CP BLUE: d1 + d2 : need to open after the setup time and to stay opened d3 have to be closed RED: d3 + d4: have to be closed After...
  20. Little Pixel


    So I made a set of doors to use for one of my maps, but I wanted to know if I am able to make them open to the sides, like the right side of the door going right and the left side of the door going left. I have never tried doing this before and I don't seem to know how to do it, I would love...