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  1. CriticalFeesh

    E1M2 Nuclear Plant a1

    An A/D control point version of the second level of the first episode from the iconic first person shooter Doom (1993) Note: The stairs are not clipped on purpose to give it a Doom feel
  2. DragoDuck

    koth_towerofbabel B5

    In the middle of nowhere, underneath the soil, lied a secret base from companies RED and BLU, this base hasnt seen much activity recently, it was almost abandoned. One day, a hellish tower started rising from below the base, taking it all the way to the skies. This hellish tower corrupted and...
  3. AlphaBlaster

    E1M1 Hangar a2

    (Please note this map will be officialized in Open Fortress's next update, with an artpass by Lena, I am uploading this in the meantime for anyone who wants to host it in its dev-texture state) Stranded in a space station on the Martian moon of Phobos and knee-deep in the dead, might will make...
  4. Sandwich3000

    72hr Jam 2022 The only team they fear is Fortress 2022-07-22

    Обложка была сделана в студии Fl. Авторы: Juzzy Сэндвич3000
  5. Malachite Man

    e1m1mountainlab v1

    Oh no! Mountain Lab has turned into a map from popular 1996 game DOOM! Original base layout: Valve A DOOM reskin of Mountainlab.
  6. Zeepington

    Reliable Excavation Demolition.pk3 V1

    A RED base in the mountain was seized by strange, otherworldly creatures. Requires Doom 2 : Hell on Earth and GZDoom (also requires a certain appreciation of confusing settings menus and a lot of nerves)
  7. AxeWorld

    Knee Deep In The Dead 2017-08-06

    What's up my dudes. I saw someone's post recreating the original Doom cover art on /r /tf2 and I thought, hey why not recreate nu-Doom's cover art as well? So yeah here it is. It's my very first SFM poster, so I know it's not the best thing ever, but hey I tried, and in the end isn't that what...
  8. CriminalBunny


    My entry for the 72h Jam. Still a work in progress Check last update for the current version's pics!
  9. Scampi

    D O O M 2017-02-12

  10. Melvin D Engineere

    Doom Mapping Contest 2016 hosted by Joel From Vinesauce

    Wanted to forward this information for those of you who also map for Doom. Full rules in the link below. Joel is accepting entries until September 9th 10PM CEST.