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  1. XEnderFaceX

    Discord Bot hates me :(

    Hey, I'm trying to upload my Map to the Playtest, but the Bot keeps saying "Found Link" but never actually manages to upload the Map. Plus, when I type "!maps" nothing happens, even tho someone above me did the same thing, and something popped up. :confused: The Bot hates me :eek: Any...
  2. sour dani

    unbox.tf - DigiCase

    unbox.tf is a Discord based unboxing simulator! We have been developing the bot for about a year now and for the 72hr Jam we decided to bring that joy to life with a toy in time for Christmas! The items unboxed are actually added to your profile via our database server! We use Discord's API to...
  3. kackysocks

    discord ban appeal :<

    I posted something in the verification channel to verify myself, 5 minutes later I look back and the server is gone from my server list. I tried re-joining but it says i'm unable to join. I guess I must have been banned? I figured it was because my friends post pretty offensive stuff in my...
  4. *Turns into crocodile*

    Where are the discord bots?

    I don't know how discord works, so I'll just ask here. When I open the tf2maps discord server all I see is rules, announcements, events, and verification. I don't see the discord bots. Any help?
  5. Cryotheum

    Special Map Request [Paid]

    First off, hello! I've used these forums and read these mostly wonderful threads for quite a while, but never had the need to post anything until now (thus, I have just made an account). I am writing a co-op gamemode for Team Fortress 2 in SourcePawn called nZombies. It is based off of the...
  6. 14bit

    The New TF2maps Discord Bot - Feedback and Discussion Thread

    Goodbye, Vbot Staring as a simple bot designed to help us keep track of maps that needed testing in late 2015, and dutifully maintained for years by @Fantasma, our chat bot Vbot survived the jump from Steam Chat to Discord and completely revolutionized how we organized testing for TF2 maps. For...