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  1. Opplydead

    dirtvalley 05

    You're tracking mud all over the battlements, soldier! Maybe you should be spending less times playing in the mud and spend more time defending one of many, simultaneously cappable points, or even begin a defense at your last. You never know when the cloak and daggers lurk patiently on the...
  2. Quarkles

    Quark3 A2

    I'm still not sure about what I'm doing.
  3. Flareblood

    Surfacing A1

    i dunno man
  4. Scouter Egg

    Dirtcross A3

    2 buildings of different colors stand in front of each other and try to uncover their secrets.
  5. C

    [GUIDE] How To Make Dirt Roads

    Hiya. This is a pretty simple technique but it wasn't obvious to me at all when I was starting out mapping and I couldn't find tutorials on it anywhere else so I thought I might as well make one. You know those neat wiggly roads you see on a lot of official maps? Roads like this: Here's how...
  6. Tumby

    Themed Wood Beams And Walls + Model 1.0.1

    Files included: materials/tumb/wood/beam02 to 10; .vtf and .vmt materials/tumb/wood/wall03 to 10; .vtf and .vmt materials/models/props_tumb/wood/beam01 to 10 and wood01 to 10; .vmt models/props_tumb/wood_support/wood_support_01 and 02; .dx80.vtx, .dx90.vtx, .mdl, .phy, .sw.vtx and .vvd Info...