detail entry

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  1. TheWither031

    Nacho a1

    Better Call Saul 6x03's background shack. Please credit me in the description of any videos this is featured in. This will be updated to have more suitable terrain in the future.
  2. *Turns into crocodile*

    globetrotter_turnsintocroc v1a

    Globetrotter detail entry. Overgrown assets:
  3. Da_Ch33ze

    72hr 2020 Hangar detail A2

    This is my first ever detail map. Engineer has many hobbies, some of them have his head stuck in the clouds
  4. Jeddyk

    Silo 2019-08-06B

    this is a reupload cause apparently when updating the map in tf2 maps it wasn´t applying the new bsp this is my entry for the tf2 jam, its a detail entry Custom content used: Frontline pack Construction pack Slender artic pack a big thanks to the staff for continuing to do these jams every...
  5. Scampi

    Detail Production 2019-08-05

    Very much a WIP, and also probably broken. Wait until I update it a few more times before loading it up! Didn't end up with as much usable jam time as I wanted, but I got something done, anyway. A detail map of a RED production facility for spytech weaponry and other technologies.