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  1. TheLapper96

    Train Depot A2

    A koth map set in a train unloading depot, still quite early in development. If you happen to play the map, I'm open to both feedback and suggestions to improve the map. This is my first legit take on making a map in TF2 after not having touched hammer for years.
  2. Itspice

    Depot a5

    a complete redesign from the ground up, so its more like an a1 than an a4
  3. Gloo

    Depot A2

    Depot is my first map, so I tried minimize complexity and keep it simple. I'd love to hear any sort of constructive criticism so I can learn how to improve my skills. Current Alpha Goals: Test with real players, and determine what needs adjusting KNOWN ISSUES: The map might be brighter than...
  4. Chevrolet1ton

    Koth Embankment a4

    My first ever finished map even though it has no health packs or resupply lockers. The location is just a courtyard besides an embankment and some sort of truck depot in an alpine theme.