custom weapon

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  1. Yaki

    [VScript] give_tf_weapon v5.1.1

    This script comes packed with useful functions for player weapons. Comes with a readme to help you get started. Features: Function GiveWeapon() lets any TFclass equip any weapon in the game. Weapons are not guaranteed to work, however. But they do spawn. Weapons used by unintended classes...
  2. DudeTheNinja

    LEGO Minifigure Spy 2020-09-07

    For this year's 72 Hour Jam, I have decided to make a custom player model (and weapon reskin) mod based on LEGO Universe, as the game celebrates its 10th anniversary of official release this October. The player model is fully rigged, but does not support cosmetics yet. (If you wear coats or...