custom textures

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  1. C.J.

    trade_crossroads 1.0

    After doing this project for a few months on and off I've ported Crossroads from Roblox into TF2! This was just a way for me to get more familiar with Hammer and to have some fun. The main use for this map is for trade servers or deathmatch servers. Crossroads by Roblox...
  2. Charlie 5 Lives

    Packing custom props+textures, still not loading for users

    Title. I've gone around from watching tutorials on YouTube regarding VIDE, reading the text tutorial on here, reading tutorials on Reddit and from other users/friends recommending me to use CompilePal, but regardless of whichever application I use and no matter the steps I follow carefully for...
  3. UltimatusVirsus

    Custom texture is missing

    Hi, I'm making a map for a server, and the problem is that when I share it with someone, some custom textures are missing. the solution would be to share the textures folder as well, but, if I want to share it publicly (example: workshop), how could I add the textures folder to the map? photo...

    Having trouble packing custom textures w/ VIDE

    Hi. I'm currently having some trouble packing two custom textures into a .bsp file for distribution. I'm using VIDE to pack them, and following Tophatwaffle's guide, seemingly did so successfully. However, when I go in game to test, the textures just fail to appear. The file size increases...

    Custom Texture Troubles

    Hi. I've been trying to import some custom textures into my map, and I can't seem to get it right. I'm honestly unsure what the problem is, but I feel like I'm just accidentally skipping over something simple. Anyways, I've placed the texture I'm trying to import in my tf2...