crash error

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  1. samuelkeller64

    Issues with vault door

    Relevant link: Trying to work on a payload map where the final point is at a large bank vault. Found this file and tried to open it, but it seems to crash Hammer every time I go into Model Viewer. Placed the...
  2. Chaos

    Double cross is a mess.

    So its been a while since my last post. I've recently gotten a new pc and am trying my hand at mapping again. I'm currently trying to use Hammer++ and compile pal to do a previous idea. I don't know what's wrong with wrong with this stupid map. But this is the second attempt at making a...
  3. Tio Spy

    Game Crashes when bots deploy the bomb

    there is any way to fix this? (Server lan) Compile Log:
  4. ComradeRoffel

    Help required with CompilePal crashing after launching /tf (solved now)

    Using version 25, already tried previous versions. The other option is placing my custom models from mainly the Frontline! pack into /tf directly and compile using VIDE. This does however significantly increase the filesize of my map way over what you could consider an avarage size for an alpha...
  5. Gabrimer

    Hammer crashing when searching for materials

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I've tried deleting downloaded materials from other servers and such, about 5 GB of files removed, yet it still crashes. Mainly all the materials are the backpack items and vgui materials for some odd reason.
  6. iDouglas

    Bots cause the map to crash.

    So I've been watching UEAKCrash's mapping tutorials and have made the little box map with KOTH logic. Everything works fine and I decided to throw some bots on and mess around in it. The problem is that, if a bot is on the winning team, when the team wins, TF2 just crashes without warning. Don't...
  7. AlphaOwl

    Questionable Crashing... [FIXED]

    Hi there. I've been having an odd issue with my map, and I can't seem to find the origin. My game continues to crash whilst loading the map, and I don't know what could possibly be the issue. I've also checked for issues via "check for problems". Can anyone please help? Thank you. Here's the...